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And why we love it. 

The Cock and Magpie,

has been run by LandLord Paul Winfield since 2008. Who set out on a journey to create a unique, alternative pub to gift Bewdley with an ambiance like no other. People of Bewdley will know that there is no end to Paul's ideas...

The style of the venue is often changing. From longboats hoisted to the ceiling. To our very own indoor

hipping container Bar. But the ethos remains the same, a safe haven to enjoy Great Company, An excellent atmosphere, and attentive Staff.

During the heights of the Pandemic when all of Hospitality was brought to a standstill...

The Team got to work to use the time as an opportunity to create new menus, new drinks, and a better customer experience. So you can spend more time, sipping drinks, enjoying the river view, or watching our own Model San-Francisco Tram circle the entire pub. 

Whilst adapting to an ever-changing environment, Paul has renovated the entire first floor Music Venue, into a combination of 5 Cosy, and Sizeable bedrooms... Which will soon be available to book! The theme of these rooms follows that of the pub... Unpredictable, Alternative, and.

The Inspiration of The Cock and Magpie comes from a variety of locations all across the world. This paired with Pauls's knowledge and expertise from his previous career as an Interior Designer.

It's fair to say, it's a pretty cool place. 

and we're pretty cool people x 



(It would be quicker to list what we dont do )

Acoustic Live Music, Cocktail Nights, Drink Specials. We do it all.

Fish and Fizz Special! From the Famous Merchants Fish and Chips. 

Live music Saturday Sessions.

Upbeat tunes for your Friday and Saturday evenings.

All whilst situated on the Beautiful River Severn, Where you can sit and watch the sun go down. 

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